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Tailoring training center is a new initiative of Kirubai Project, this center is committed in providing skills in tailoring, embroidery and other courses for young women coming from impoverished backgrounds and school dropouts. This will equip them to be employed and eventually self- sufficient. The training center came to effect on 20th June 2022.


Food Assistance Program came to existence during the first lock down of Covid 19. Many of our widows and single mothers lost their jobs during that time or got a deduction in their salary which made it very difficult for them to make ends meets and even provide for their
families. This is when Kirubai Project stood in the gaps and started distributing consistent food and hygiene supplies to over 100 families every two weeks from March 2020 till date.

After School
Tution Centers

We started the tuition center to provide our children with a healthy environment where they can get the help they need to excel in their academics and chase after their dreams.
Before joining our tuition center many of our children were struggling with their studies and lacked motivation. At the end of 10 months, we saw improvement in their grades, attendance and reading and writing skills. We believe that all our children deserve a chance to a better life.

Care Program

Extended Care Program which to care, nurture, guide, counsel, and encourage the youth as they choose colleges and careers. (We currently have youth girls enrolled in this program)
We provide housing, food, counsel, and all college and training fees, books, travel, clothes, and support throughout their college years after which they will graduate and step into a career or what so ever they may choose.