About Us

Kirubai Project (Reg No 382/1999-2000) began in the year 1999, established under the Indian Trust Act under the Indian Trust Act with the aim of providing shelter and care for children in vulnerable and “at – risk” circumstances and began Kirubai Children’s homes thereon. A group of like-minded people working towards uplifting the impoverished sections of our Indian society by strengthening the fastly eroding family system. It works towards to Educate, Equip and Empower women and children of the society. Kirubai Project operates only in Bangalore city Karnataka.
History: In a context of widespread poverty and a dwindling family system, many single mothers who had lost their husbands to alcohol, accident-related deaths etc. started seeking shelter for their children in various children’s homes that were meant for those children with absolutely no kith and kin whatsoever. The same occurred with a home under the Kirubai Project,

where these mothers were willing to abandon their rights of parenthood and place their children in this home for their children to receive good education and a decent quality of life. This moved the heart of the leaders of the project although they refused to institutionalize such children and the programe began in the year 2002. Support was provided to such families to assist them in paying educational related costs like school fees, books, etc. as well as medical costs for the children. Over a span of 21 years, the Family Support Program has had coverage of nearly 350+ children thereby touching the lives of close to 200+ families. We have had success stories of children from the programe who went on to work for Big IT giants in the city as well. One of the earmarks of Family Support Program is that we are working hard to uplift and empower women, several of the single mothers from the program is currently being trained as social workers themselves!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower single mother
families using the family support network model
that we have developed. We believe that families
who come from this background have a greater
chance to succeed in life when they live within
their social and community contexts.

Our Vision

Aims at providing support to impoverished
families through child focused interventions
and empowerment of widows and single mothers.